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underground pet fence installation

With Pro Pet Fence, you can choose from a variety of products and options from major brands like Petsafe Rechargeable, Petsafe YardMax and Pawz Away. Alternatively, if you’ve already purchased a system elsewhere, we would be happy to install it for you.

We have more than 20 years of experience installing and servicing all major brands of in-ground wiring systems and training your pets. Our systems feature:

  • adjustable training modes – warning only, correction only, or warning followed by correction – for your pet’s specific needs;
  • multiple levels of programmable correction – strong enough for the most stubborn dog;
  • omni-directional signals;
  • rechargeable collars;
  • waterproof collars (PetSafe & YardMax systems only) – no need to remove the collar before your dog jumps into your pool.

Pricing for an underground pet fence installation is dependent on the system purchased, number of pets, size of property, type of driveway (stone, paved, etc.) and whether any wooded acreage is involved. Call (908) 448-4696 for a free estimate.

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underground pet fence repairs

Unlike visible fences, underground pet fencing systems require little maintenance. That being said, things happen and when they do, you can count on Pro Pet Fence’s professional repair services. We service all major brand underground pet containment systems.

All transmitters and collars purchased from Pro Pet Fence are covered by a lifetime warranty, effective with the expiration of the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty. In-ground wiring systems are covered for one year from accidental damage by the homeowner; after the first year, service fees apply. (Please note: damage by landscapers, contractors, aeration or lightning are not covered.)

With a Pro Pet Fence underground pet fence installation, you can be confident your system is in working order at all times. Our systems feature:

  • a low battery indicator light;
  • a ‘perfect fit’ system that verifies the fit of your pet’s collar for ultimate effectiveness;
  • a ‘ready test’ feature that assures you the collar is working;
  • false signal protection;
  • surge protection against storm damage;
  • wire break alerts (visual and audio).

Saving one dog will not change the world; but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever. Dogs are family.

An underground pet fence installation can make all the difference in your dog’s world.

Before you brought your dog home, you most likely went to a lot of trouble to make your home safe and pet-friendly. But what about your yard?

Dogs need fresh air and exercise. While long walks on-leash are good, they’re not enough. Dogs need to run and play. Letting your dog run free, though, is risky. A fenced-in yard may help keep your dog safe, but it is not always practical. Visible fences can be costly and can take away from the beauty of your yard’s natural landscape. Also, sometimes they can be ineffective, especially if your dog is a jumper or a digger! In many cases, underground pet fencing is a safe, viable solution.

At Pro Pet Fence, we specialize in underground pet fence installations and repairs, giving your dog freedom and you peace of mind. We are focused on providing professional, quality services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Whether you have one dog or multiple dogs, you can find the underground pet fencing system that works for your family from our variety of offerings. Look around our website; we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.


White dog with brown head and ears wearing a blue collar and looking down a dirt road; underground pet fence installations keep dogs from wandering

Your Pet’s Safety

You train your dog to obey basic commands – Come! Stay! Leave it! You take your dog for regular vet checkups and stay up-to-date on vaccinations and medications. You do all of this with your pet’s safety in mind. Because, let’s face it – your dog is not just a dog; he’s a member of your family.

Making sure your dog is safely contained on your property reduces the risks of your dog getting lost, attacked by other animals, or even hit by a car.

Pro Pet Fence products are designed with your dog’s safety in mind!

White dog with brown and white face lying on its back in the green grass enjoying freedom provided by an underground pet fence installation

Your Pet’s Happiness

Your dog brings you a lot of joy and asks for little in return – clean water, food, a pat on the head and maybe the occasional belly rub. That’s a small price to pay in exchange for the companionship and loyalty your dog gives back to you.

Giving your dog a safe place to run and play is one way to ensure her happiness. You’ve heard the saying, “A tired dog is a happy dog.” It’s true! Dogs need a release for their pent up energy so they don’t resort to destructive behaviors.

At Pro Pet Fence, your dog’s happiness – and yours – are our top priority!

A tri-color collie, black, tan and white free to lie in lawn thanks to underground pet fence installation. green lawn with head raised

Your Peace of Mind

Imagine what it would feel like if your dog got loose one day. You and your family members would be upset. It’s stressful not knowing where your dog is or what condition he is in. And it is scary to think he may be mistreated.

Even the gentlest dog can behave unexpectedly if frightened or injured. An underground pet fence installation allows you to control where your dog can go safely. And it can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in unexpected vet or legal bills.

Pro Pet Fence – the responsible pet owner’s means to peace of mind!

A Safe Pet Is A Happy Pet

Dogs aren’t meant to be cooped up inside all day. Like us, they need fresh air and exercise to feel their best. Plus, providing your dog with a safe place to run and play keeps them from getting bored. And everyone knows a bored dog left to his own devices can easily get into trouble.

Underground pet fence installations by Pro Pet Fence allow you to keep your pet safely contained on your property. With a Pro Pet Fence system, your dog can walk or run without dragging you behind; enjoy a game of fetch or frisbee; or simply keep you company in your yard without getting tangled on a lead.

Unlike visible fences, a Pro Pet Fence underground pet fencing system:

  • Adjusts for any property regardless of size or topography
  • Contains the area of your choosing for your pet to roam freely
  • Offers clear sight lines for unobstructed view of your pet at all times
  • Requires little maintenance

Have more than one dog? No worries. Pro Pet Fence systems are designed to contain multiple pets of varying sizes. Our collars are lightweight and waterproof (PetSafe and YardMax systems, only) and come with multiple levels of programmable correction, which are easily changed to suit the littlest dog or the most stubborn.

Will our system hurt your dog? There is no way to sugarcoat it – your dog will experience a static shock, but it will not hurt your pet. Typically dogs experience these shocks only during initial training but soon learn to avoid them with the help of an audible alert system. This discomfort is nothing compared to injuries your dog could suffer if she got loose.

With Pro Pet Fence, your dog will be safe and happy. And happy dogs make for happy pet owners!


Homeowners Beware!

A man wearing gray shoes, white socks, khaki shorts and a navy shirt bending over to dig a hole in a green grass lawn; depend on licensed contractor for your underground pet fence installation.
Street view of a suburban house with white siding and brick front with trees and a green grass lawn

Unlicensed & Uninsured Home Improvement Contractors

As a homeowner, you try to save money wherever and whenever possible – and you may even consider hiring an unlicensed and uninsured home improvement contractor for your underground pet fence installation. However, you might not realize that doing so could cause significant problems in the long run and, in some states, is actually illegal.

Contractors doing work in New Jersey are required to be licensed. In some states, homeowners can actually be arrested for hiring an unlicensed contractor. In other states, homeowners are held liable for an injury of an unlicensed contractor and his/her employees when the injury occurs on the homeowner’s property, even if the homeowner did not know the contractor was unlicensed.

When you hire an unlicensed contractor directly, that individual becomes an employee of yours and any of that individual’s employees also become your employees. Should an injury occur, an injured worker may sue you as the homeowner.

For your protection, therefore, hire a fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor for all work done on your property, including underground pet fence installations. Ask for and review the contractor’s license and make sure the contractor is in good standing in the state where the work is to be done.

Marking of Utilities Prior To Digging

New Jersey Law requires all underground installations and utility lines such as sewer, telephone, electrical, fuel, natural gas, water and underground tanks be located and properly identified and marked prior to proceeding with work that involves any digging operation. Some common home improvements that involve digging include building a deck, planting a tree, installing a mailbox, and installing fences, including an underground pet fence. Failure to properly locate and identify underground installations prior to proceeding with a project that involves digging can result in costly repairs plus fines and penalties.

“Before You Dig” is a free service. Your contractor will submit the request and receive an authorization number with a date the work can begin – usually within three business days. For your protection, you should request a copy of the authorization.

Pro Pet Fence is fully licensed and insured (Home Improvement Contractor License #BVH10097700) and a member of New Jersey One Call.

Call us today for a free estimate on installing your new underground pet fence!

A Note from Jim Spaven, Owner Pro Pet Fence

Ripley, a large black and white dog lying in grass and looking back at camera, inspired the state of Pro Pet Fence, NJ's #1 underground pet fence installation company.


I got into this business as a result of first-hand experience. The picture you see here is my dog Ripley. She was only 6 years old when a neighbor hit and killed her. I cannot tell you the pain I felt.

I promised myself this would never happen again. After months of research, I found PetSafe and Innotek and installed the system on my own property. And yes, when I trained my pets they got the static shock, yelped and  jumped, but this is nothing compared to the pain I felt and what my dog Ripley must have felt when she was hit by a car.

I now have three dogs and I installed a dog door. My dogs go out when they want and have never left the property. They have the freedom to run on my property whenever they want. And most of all, they are safe!

Pro Pet Fence

NJ’s #1 choice for underground pet fencing
  • 20 years’ professional installation and repair experience
  • best-selling brands
  • Gentle Soft-Touch Training
  • run-through protection
  • rechargeable, low-battery indicator, and programmable collars
  • lightning and surge protection
  • no hidden costs and training included
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I see a lot of posters on the roads and in vets’ offices about lost pets. Don’t let this happen to you or your dog!

Jim Spaven

Pro Pet Fence

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Pro Pet Fence logo featuring a white paw print on black heart in between words "Pro" and "Pet"
Fully Licensed & Insured ~ Home Improvement Contractor License #13VH10097700

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