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How Our Underground Pet Fence Products Work

Our underground pet fence products have three components: the transmitter, a receiver collar, and the wire buried in your yard.

The Transmitter sends a radio signal through a boundary wire buried around the perimeter of your yard to a Receiver Collar around your pet’s neck. When your pet approaches the Static Correction Zone, your dog hears a series of beeps from the Receiver Collar followed by a safe, Static Correction. The correction is designed to startle your pet. The sensation is similar to walking across carpet then touching a doorknob. This method has been proven safe and effective, and it will not harm your pet. Your pet quickly learns the areas he is free to enjoy. Read more about our underground pet fence products below. 

The SportDOG Brand Contain + Train System

Designed for larger dogs and areas, coverage up to 100 acres, allows you to contain your dog in the boundary that you define and train your dog inside or outside of the containment area without having to switch collars.

Remote Trainer communicates with that same Collar Receiver (no need for two collars) up to 500 yards away and gives you the capability to train with your choice of tone, vibration, or static stimulation.

Underground pet products included in the SportDOG Contain + Train System for training your dog: collar with receiver, containment transmitter, remote transmitter, and charging adapters.

How It Works

The Collar Receiver for the Contain + Train system works by receiving radio signal from both the Fence Transmitter and the Remote Transmitter. With 3 modes of operation, you decide which signals the Collar Receiver responds to.

In Containment Mode, the Collar Receiver only picks up radio signal that has been sent through the Boundary Wire from the Fence Transmitter. While wearing the Collar Receiver, when your dog approaches the Boundary Wire and steps into the Warning Zone, a warning beep will be delivered. If your dog continues towards the Boundary Wire and into the Stimulation Zone, a safe, static stimulation will be delivered through the Contact Points to get his attention until he returns to the Boundary Area. In Containment mode, the Collar Receiver will not respond to the operation of the Remote Transmitter.

In Training Mode, the Collar Receiver only listens to the radio signal sent from the Remote Transmitter, allowing you to train your dog inside or outside of the Boundary Area. In this mode, the Collar Receiver will not react when entering the Warning Zone or Stimulation Zone of the Boundary Area.

In Containment and Training Mode, the Collar Receiver will respond to both the radio signal sent from the Fence Transmitter through the Boundary Wire and the radio signal sent from the Remote Transmitter. This allows you to simultaneously train your dog while he is being contained.


Waterproof Collar Receiver

The Contain + Train features a waterproof and submersible Collar Receiver that works with both the underground wire fence and the e-collar handheld remote, allowing you to contain your dog within a boundary that you define and train your dog inside or outside of that boundary; Fits any dog 20 pounds and up.

7 Levels of Static Stimulation

In Training Mode, use your Remote Transmitter’s dial to select one of the 7 levels of static stimulation in either low, medium, or high ranges and use the buttons to deliver your choice of momentary (nick) or continuous stimulation. You also have the option to train with vibration (buzz) and tone (beep).

Containment Mode

In Containment Mode, the collar will give a warning tone and vibration as your dog approaches the boundary, and then moves to one of 7 static stimulation levels that you select based on your dog’s temperament to deter any further steps towards the boundary.

Built-In Lightning Protector

The wall-mountable Fence Transmitter features a built-in lightning protector to help avoid damage from lightning strike or power surge, as well as a wire break alarm to alert of a break or cut in the underground wire.

Battery Indicator

Both the Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter feature a low battery indicator so you know when to charge them. A detailed operating guide is included.

All Weather Use

By designing our products in the field, with heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind in mind, SportDOG has become the most recognized brand in the electronic tracking and training categories, making the promise to always create “Gear The Way You’d Design It.”

In The Box

  • Collar Receiver on Black 1 Inch Collar Strap
  • Containment Transmitter
  • Remote Transmitter
  • Charging Adapters

Cordless In-Ground Fence™ System

Give your pet the freedom he deserves with the PetSafe® YardMax® Cordless In-Ground Fence™ System. This innovative in-ground containment system features a waterproof transmitter powered by 10 D cell batteries (not included). Perfect for renters, campers or cabin locations, the YardMax® Cordless transmitter eliminates the need to drill holes in your home’s exterior. The battery-powered transmitter helps keep your dog or cat safe even during power outages. The rechargeable YardMax® Cordless receiver collar works for most cats and dogs weighing 5 lb. or more and with a neck size measuring 6-28 in. The rechargeable collar lasts up to 3 months on a single charge and recharges in just 2-3 hours. With just a few short training sessions, you’ll create a secure boundary for your pets to enjoy the outdoors like never before.


Versatile System

  • For dogs and cats 5 lbs. and up with neck sizes 6 to 28 inches
  • Coverage for up to 1/3 of an acre; expandable to 1.4 acres with additional wire and flags (sold separately)
  • Capability to add extra barriers for any number of protected areas
  • Compatibility for unlimited number of pets with additional collars

Five Levels of Adjustable Correction

  • Tone-only mode for training
  • Five correction levels adjustable to your pet’s temperament
  • Run through prevention

Rechargeable, Waterproof Receiver Collar

  • Charges quickly in just 2-3 hours
  • Charges can last up to 3 months, depending on collar use 

Waterproof Cordless Transmitter

  • Battery life is 9 to 12 months
  • Eliminates need to drill holes in your home’s exterior

Automatic Safety Shut-Off

Underground pet fence products: collar, wire & case.
PetSafe Logo

PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence

Suitable for small dogs 5 pounds and up, this system offers convenience and security. It allows you to create a tailored boundary in any yard up to 25 acres (purchase of additional wire and flags may be required). The system features a waterproof, rechargeable collar; each charge lasts approximately two months.

Do you have more than one pet? No problem. Multiple pets can be contained as long as they are wearing compatible receiver collars.


Four Levels of Static Correction

  • Correction level adjustable to your pet’s temperament
  • Tone-only mode for training
  • Anti-linger prevention
  • Progressive run-through prevention

Rechargeable, Waterproof Receiver Collar

  • each charge lasts up to 2 months
  • low-battery indicator
  • surge protection to help protect transmitter from lightning strikes and power surges
Underground Pet Fence Products: colar, wire, transmitter, receiver, flags
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PetSafe YardMax

The PetSafe YardMax system has two available modes: YardMax and Traditional.

The YardMax mode is suitable for smaller yards. It emits a warning signal when your dog crosses the boundary and static corrections if your dog continues beyond that point, giving your dog the perception of an endless boundary. The Traditional mode emits a warning tone as your dog approaches the boundary and static corrections if your dog crosses this point, persuading your dog to stay in the containment area.


Five Levels of Static Correction

  • Traditional mode emits warning tone before correction to define containment area
  • YardMax mode multi-level corrections give perception of endless boundary and allows dog to use up to 30% more of designated area

Rechargeable, Waterproof Receiver Collar

  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Exclusive Ready Test – assures that receiver collar is charged and working
Underground pet products: box of YardMax products
Underground pet products: PetSafe mechanism bone with visible indicators
Underground pet products: piece parts of the PetSafe system

Pawz Away

This indoor mini-barrier transmitter system helps you train your pet to avoid certain areas inside your home by emitting a series of beeps as your dog approaches forbidden areas. Keeps your pets off furniture and counters and away from the trash or other potential hazards inside the home.


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Mini Barrier Transmitter

  • Adjustable up to five-foot range
  • Compatible with Petsafe and YardMax rechargeable outdoor systems

Safe, Effective Warnings and Corrections

  • Collar emits series of beeps to alert pet to boundary
  • Safe, static corrections designed to startle, not punish
Underground pet products: Pawz Away components of the system: collar, transmitter

Your Pro Pet Benefits

Lifetime Warranty for the Transmitter and Collar(s)

Our lifetime warranty covers the Transmitter and Collar(s).  

If your current system needs to be replaced and has been discontinued or upgraded, we will upgrade you to the newest system free of charge under our lifetime warranty.

Integration with Indoor Systems

Our Pro Pet Fence underground pet fence products and systems are compatible with indoor radio fencing systems. When you integrate the two, you can control your dog’s comings and goings inside and out.


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