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Prop Pet Fence addresses your underground pet fence FAQs on installation, repair and training

Will an underground pet fence system work if I have more than one dog?

Yes, any number of dogs can be added to an underground pet fence system with the purchase of additional collars.

Do the collars with underground pet fence systems use batteries?

Yes. Often they use inexpensive battery modules, but some use rechargeable batteries that can last up to three months on a full charge. The batteries are completely waterproof so if you have a pool you let your dog into, there is no need to remove the collar.

Do underground dog fences work with all size dogs?

Yes. There are multiple systems available for all sizes and types of dogs from small to large, and each underground pet fence system has varying programmable levels of correction to accommodate even the most stubborn dogs.

Will an underground pet fence hurt my dog?

No. The correction your dog receives is a static shock. The collars you use with your underground pet fence system allow you to set the correction levels to low or high depending on your dog.

How difficult are underground dog fences to maintain?

There is little maintenance to underground pet fence systems. The installer will set the initial correction levels on both the transmitter and collar and your system includes detailed instructions for making any future changes if needed.

Will my dog get shocked every time he gets near my underground pet fence?

The training provided with an underground pet fence system is intended to teach your dog to avoid the boundaries you set. During initial training, flags are placed in the ground as a visual marker for both you and your dog. In addition, the collar gives off a warning tone alerting your dog that he is approaching his boundary. The correction stops your dog from crossing the boundary. In time, your dog will learn to associate the audible tone with his boundary and back away before receiving the correction. Once your dog is fully trained on your underground pet fence system, the flag markers can be removed.

Can I let my dog out in the rain wearing the transmitter collar from my underground pet fence?

Yes. The battery-operated collars that come with your underground pet fence system are both water resistant and waterproof.

What factors are taken into consideration in determining the pricing for installation of an underground pet fence system?

The price of an underground pet fence installation is based on several factors:

  • the size (acreage) of your property or the section you want fenced off;
  • the number of dogs that will be on the system; and
  • the system you select.

Other factors, such as your driveway material (if the fence crosses the driveway) and whether any wooded area is included within the boundary, may also impact the price. Call your underground pet fence installation company for an estimate before purchasing your system.

How does weather affect my underground dog fence?

Generally, underground dog fence systems are not affected by most weather conditions. The wire installed underground is waterproof and is the same type of wire as that used for irrigation systems. Rain, snow, ice or freezing ground conditions will not affect the wire. That being said, please note that exceptionally deep snow could affect signal transmission.

My property is hilly. Can I still install an underground pet fence?

Yes. Underground pet fence systems are designed for all types of terrain. However, depending on how steep the area is, hand digging may be required and could affect the cost of installation.

How will I know if my underground dog fence stops working?

Underground dog fence systems have a break alarm on the transmitter. In the event of a wire break, the alarm emits a continuous beeping sound until the transmitter is turned off.

What do I do if I have a wire break in my underground pet fence system?

First, keep in mind that if this happens, your whole system is down, meaning your dog’s collar will not work until the system is repaired.

If you experience a wire break, call your underground pet fence installer to come out and assess the problem. Once the break is located, the installer can repair the wire and confirm the system is back in operation. Note: Most installers charge a service fee to repair your underground pet fence. The amount would depend on the number of breaks and/or the extent of damage.

What can cause the wire in my underground pet fence to break?

A number of things can lead to a break in your underground pet fence wiring. Landscapers often accidentally break the wires, especially if they are installed in a landscaped bedding area. Planting a tree, bush or any plants in or around the area where the wire is located can also result in a break, as can any construction by outside contractors.

Having your lawn aerated is one of the riskiest activities in terms of wire breakage. The spikes used in the aeration can cut or rip the wires of your underground pet fence and necessitate the rewiring of the entire property. You can avoid this by calling your underground pet fence installation company to come out and mark the wires. Then tell the contractor aerating your lawn to stay within two feet on either side of those markings.

How do you get the wire across my paved driveway?

A narrow, shallow cut is made across the driveway for the wire. Once the wire is in place, the cut is sealed with a blacktop compound. Resealing your driveway will not affect the wire. If you are having your driveway repaved, however, ask the paving company to install a 1/2-inch PVC pipe in the driveway. Your underground pet fence installer can then run new wire through the pipe, reconnecting it at both ends.

It is also recommended to put reflectors on the ends of the driveway where your wire is so you do not cut into the corners and damage the wire if you plow your driveway in the winter.

Does Pro Pet Fence provide military discounts?

Yes, we provide a 10% military discount with proof of veteran status or active military service.

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