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Pet fence repairs are rare when it comes to underground pet fences. Unlike physical wood or wire fences, underground pet fences require little maintenance. That said, things sometimes happen and, when they do, you can count on Pro Pet Fence’s repair services to get your pet fence back in working order.

Our underground pet fence systems come with service disruption alerts to let you know your system is down. When that happens, call Pro Pet Fence and we will come out, assess the problem and repair your fence.

potential hazards

Because the wires to your underground pet fence are buried, they are not exposed to the same elements that can damage traditional fences, namely weather and wind. There are certain activities, however, that can result in a break and require a pet fence repair.

The biggest culprit is lawn aeration. The spikes used in the aeration process can cut through the wires of your underground pet fence and result in the need to rewire your entire property.

Other damaging factors include:

  • Gardening — planting trees, bushes or any other plants around the area where your wire is located
  • Landscaping — especially if the wires were installed in a landscape bedding area
  • Construction — by outside contractors unaware of the location of your underground fence wires

You can avoid accidental breakage and the need for pet fence repairs, by having the location of your underground pet fence marked before any of the above work begins.

when to call for repairs

Your pet fence system is equipped with alerts that let you know when your system needs attention. Not all alerts indicate a pet fence repair is needed, however. A low battery indicator, for instance, alerts you that it is time to replace or recharge the battery on your pet’s collar. A break alarm on the transmitter is a different story.

If you should have a break in your pet fence wire, the break alarm will emit a continuous beep until you turn off the transmitter. At this point, your entire system is down and it is time to call for a pet fence repair.

At Pro Pet Fence, our in-ground wiring systems are covered for accidental damage for one year from date of purchase; thereafter services fees apply. Please note this coverage does not apply to damages from contractors, landscapers, lawn aeration or lightning.

At Pro Pet Fence, our pet fence repair professionals will assess the problem and make all the repairs necessary to have your pet out roaming your backyard safely in no time!

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